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the importance of perseverance

The Importance of Perseverance

How to Teach Children Perseverance and Consistency   The journey of self-discovery is riddled with one challenge after the other—and it’s a necessary component. Some challenges are so easy that you forget them the moment they appear. Other challenges are so frustrating they make you want to pull your hair out! This being said, when […]
why losing is important for children

Why Losing Is Important For Children

Why Losing is Important for Children   Losing can be tough. As adults with responsibilities, the real-world demands our success in more ways than one. Finances, family, and work, to name the big ones. With the burden of winning on our shoulders, we take on the world and teach others how to do the same. […]
motivate kids through play

How To Motivate Kids Through Playfulness

How to motivate kids through playfulness? Motivating children in the classroom can be a challenge. Each child has different interests, emotions, desires, triggers, and energy levels. What works for one may not work for all. Each day comes with its emotional ebb and flow. Luckily, there are multiple techniques that aid teachers who find themselves […]
effective questioning

Effective Questioning in the Math Classroom

As new paradigms for learning math continue to emerge within schooling systems, teachers and parents have more options than ever before in classroom guidance. One of the more powerful avenues of teaching math centers around the use of questions. What if kids were always self-led to arrive at answers in the classroom? Or, what if […]
the student becomes the teacher

When The Student Becomes The Teacher

Managing a classroom or any space with many kids can be a real challenge. After all, you may need to oversee classroom objects, organize paperwork, keep things tidy, and be a good role model for your students. This is especially true with young learners and active classrooms. One great way to lighten the task load […]

Teaching Humbleness: How to React to Bragging Kids

Kids, teenagers, adults — we all love celebrating our accomplishments. And we should. If you work hard for your achievements, it’s worth congratulatory recognition. Even good fortunes, lucky circumstances, and abundance, in general, is worth taking note of. However, these words become more hurtful than helpful when used to promote separation between ourselves and others. […]

Encouraging Curiosity In Kids

Curiosity is a central driving force in human experience. It derives from the Latin word cura, which can mean “to care about.” It’s the screw in our backs that pushes us to seek new information. To form new ideas. Surely, the most distinguishing characteristic of curiosity is a willing openness to explore. For young learners, […]
teaching kids math

At What Age Should You Start Teaching Kids Math?

At what age should kids learn math? — It’s one of the most central questions for any parent with growing children. No one wants to overload their baby with difficult exercises. On the other hand, no one wants to leave out the important steps during the development stage either. That’s why it’s important to know […]

Helping Kids With Positive Self-Talk

Too often, as teachers and parents, we hear our kids speak negatively about themselves. It’s frustrating and hurtful to hear. It can leave you feeling like a failure. The immediate reaction is to encourage your downtrodden student with positive words and upliftment. This is an important step, but it’s only half of the solution. Inspiration […]
independent children

Tips for Raising Independent Thinkers

Anyone who’s been to school knows just how difficult it can be to get through those tougher subjects. Nothing makes sense, no matter how hard you try. Success feels impossible. You start to feel jittery. You become frustrated. You become desperate. Meanwhile, the classmate next to you just seems to “get it.” It’s so easy […]