Upcoming Events


NOETIC EMC Workshops

Our NOETIC Practice Workshops are specifically designed to help students practice for the NOETIC Math Competition. It is also a fun place to practice non standard problem solving. EMC will be having weekly workshops starting March 21st.  

Cost: $15.00 per workshop

All of our workshops include:
- in depth analysis of NOETIC practice tests
- 1 hour with an instructor to help solve similar problems
- how to succeed at a timed test

Click on the button below to register! Every workshop will be different, so more workshops = more practice!!

Math Kangaroo Competition

Math Kangaroo 2021 registration is OPEN!

Please register your child to a California Virtual Testing Center:

Kangaroo testing window starts March 18th, 2021

Math Kangaroo Competition is an international, once a year event.

Math Kangaroo is open to any student in grades 1-12 that can work independently (read and answer a multiple choice test.)
This year we are unable to open our school for in-person testing, however, we would still very much like for ALL of our students to compete.
Taking timed tests is a learned skill and we encourage all of our students to participate to practice and build confidence in test taking.