Frequently Asked Questions

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My child is already doing well at school, why should we come to your classes?
At EMC, we can give your child an opportunity to be challenged above his/her current grade level. Our students gain more in-depth knowledge and understanding of the topics, learn how to solve challenging non-standard competitional problems that are usually not covered by regular school curriculum. Our small groups are 3 to 4 times smaller than a regular school classroom, which allows us to give students personal attention and individualized instruction.
How do I register for classes?
Please schedule a free evaluation / free class by emailing us at or by clicking “schedule a free evaluation” on our website. Once a perfect group has been found for your child, we will provide all of the registration paperwork, and register you for the class.
Can we try a lesson before commiting?
Absolutely! We encourage that you and your child come to one of the grade appropriate classes and participate in the lesson, free of charge. You will have an opportunity to see how the classes are run, and we will have a chance to assess your child’s level and suggest which group to join.
How long are the sessions? What is the fee?
Length of a class and its cost varies according to age group and grade level. Please enquire with our office.
Do families pay monthly, weekly, or per drop-in session?
Families pay monthly, according to the number of classes held in that month.
What happens if we miss a class?
If you know that you will miss a class, we kindly request that you e-mail us ahead of time to let us know. There are no refunds for missed classes, however, we allow you to make up missed lessons in any of the parallel groups, with prior arrangement with the teacher.
What happens if we go on a long vacation?
Engaging Math Circles is closed during most of the school holidays so that everyone could enjoy time with their families. We can always freeze your payments if you travel for a month or longer.
None of the times work for me, but I really want to join your school. What can I do?
Please reach out to us. New groups are forming all the time. We only need 4 students to open up a new group. Likely, there is already somebody waiting for a new group and you might just be the person we need to open it. Also, if you have 3 more friends to join your child, chances are we can form a group at a time that works for you.
Do you have any classes for Homeschoolers?
Absolutely! Our founder and some of our teachers have homeschooled their kids. We understand the needs of the homeschooling community and are happy for new students. We have morning hours available for those seeking to join, or form a new group. Please reach out to us and we will be happy to let you know what’s available.
Do kids get a break during the longer classes?
There is a 15 minute break during the 1.5hr and 2hr long classes giving the kids a chance to run around and stretch.
How many children are in a group?
We try to keep our groups small to ensure personal attention to every child. There are typically 6-8 kids in a group. In younger grades, we have an additional teacher’s aide when class size goes above 6.
Do parents stay onsite?
Parents are definitely welcome, but are not required to stay onsite with their children. We have a small waiting area with Wi-fi where parents are welcome to hang out. Most parents, however, leave their students and pick them up after class.
How much homework do the students receive?
Students receive about an hour to two hours of homework per week. This will vary from grade to grade, and child to child.
Do you cover the school curriculum? Will my child be prepared to pass placement tests?
We cover everything that your child will be required to know at his / her grade level (and go much deeper into those topics). Our students are well prepared for all of their school math classes and exams. We offer a full year program for grades K-12 and our curriculum can be used to supplement and enrich the math program at school, or as a full curriculum for homeschoolers.
How does your program help kids learn a full year curriculum, while meeting just once a week?
We team up with our families to create a productive learning environment for our students. In class, the kids gain the skills and motivation to learn. We cover key points of the material and solve higher level and challenging problems. At home, we equip parents with the right tools to continue the learning and practice of the skills gained in class.
What kind of feedback do the parents receive about their children?
After every lesson, we send out an email to the parents with the summary of what was covered in class and what homework is assigned. Our teachers are constantly in touch with our parents, frequently communicating, and always keeping the dialogue open on the progress, needs and strengths of their students.
What are the procedures for cancelling enrollment?
We ask for a 30 day notice in writing when cancelling enrollment.
How do we contact a child’s teacher?
You can always e-mail us at; also, each teacher has their own email address that will be given to you when your child joins a group.
My child is struggling in school, will your program help?
Our program’s main emphasis is on problem solving and creative approaches to standard math curriculum. You will be surprised to see your student blossom in our groups. There is no dry memorization and drills. Your child will be engaged throughout the year, be challenged, encouraged, and will grow in all aspects of math and beyond. We’ve worked with student’s of all levels and complexities. It is our job to work with every family to find the best fit and approach to each student.
My child is advanced / gifted in math, can he/she have an appropriate group to join and be challenged?
We will meet and evaluate your child’s math knowledge and abilities and will most definitely find and appropriate group fit. We have many gifted students in our program, and taylor our lessons to keep them challenged and engaged with depth and variety of topics we cover and problems we solve.
Do you prepare children for math Olympiads?
Most of our students participate in various math olympiads and competitions. We bring in a lot of supplemental olympiad level materials into the classroom and our students are excited and well prepared to compete in math competitions.
Do you host summer sessions?
In the summer of 2020, lessons will focus on FUN non-standard problem-solving. You can sign up for as many or as few sessions as fit your schedule. Email us at to reserve your spot.
What does the number next to a Circle mean?
Every Circle corresponds to skill level, and not grade level. While most Circles are very close to grade level, many of our students are enrolled a level above or below their current grade level. We recommend scheduling a free evaluation if you wish to accurately place your child in the correct level.
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