Engaging Math Circles




Engaging Math Circles in San Jose, CA offers an after-school enrichment program that caters to grades K to 8. Lessons are presented in small groups that allow for both individualized teaching and peer collaborative learning environment.


EMC uses the Investigative Learning method to help students discover answers and solutions to mathematical problems on their own. This unique approach allows students to experience the joy of discovery and the excitement of "Eureka!" moments. In small groups, students engage in rich mathematical discussion and peer collaboration with a highly trained facilitator. These discussions foster creative thinking as well as independent problem-solving.

Sign your child up today and see their love of math blossom through investigating, discussing, and being a part of math in a way they don’t get to experience in a standard classroom environment.
Advanced Math Curriculum for K-8 Grade Levels
EMC offers a systematic program that covers all school requirements and goes beyond them. We expose our students to the advanced concepts from Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory, Combinatorics, and other branches of high mathematics. In addition, we work on solving non-standard and challenging problems from a variety of math competitions. Our students participate in Math Kangaroo, MOEMS, MathCounts, and other math tournaments, bringing home fantastic results. 
Investigative Learning Creates Intrinsic Motivation to Learn
Children are inherently curious and love to explore on their own. When the students believe in their own power of discovery, they crave new knowledge. The driving force behind EMC lessons is to make math interesting and exciting by showing students that they can solve complex problems. EMC uses a unique Investigative Learning approach to foster independent math thinkers in all grade levels. Investigative Learning immerses students in the wonderful world of mathematics by the way of asking thought-provoking questions. Students are guided to discover the answers on their own instead of memorizing the instructor’s presentation. Kids internalize the material better, as well as gain confidence in their own thinking and problem-solving skills.
Discovering the "WHY" Behind the "HOW"
Math is more than just a set of rules, templates, and arithmetic calculations. At EMC, we believe that thorough understanding of mathematical concepts is an integral step in the development of mathematical intuition. Automatization of arithmetic skills should happen after a solid foundation of core principles has been laid. The beauty of mathematics is in the fact that if you can understand “why” something works, you can always recreate the “how”. At younger ages, we enrich the learning process with hands-on activities, manipulatives, and games, allowing young minds to engage all senses in the process of modeling abstract concepts of mathematics with tangible models. Younger children investigate and prove their theories with hands-on experiments. Older students learn to model and prove math using all current scientific tools and mathematical language. They become fluent in using graphs, diagrams, algebraic expressions, equations and their like, to solve problems.
Small Groups with Personal Attention
Small class sizes enable EMC instructors to focus on individual strengths and weaknesses of each student. Our structure and teaching philosophy provide a unique opportunity to challenge the most advanced students while boosting the confidence and building the skills of the kids who struggle. Our students are inspired by their peers in the group. They rise up to challenges, supporting, learning from, and teaching each other. Our classroom is a playground where leadership skills can be practiced alongside collaborative team work. 
Fostering Independent Thinkers
The fun and supportive environment of EMC provides students with a unique opportunity to examine their own thought process. They discover their personal strengths and weaknesses. They are not afraid to make mistakes, ask for help when they need it, or admit they are stuck. Kids learn to independently read and understand math texts. They learn how to self-advocate when presenting solutions to the classroom. During each lesson, students engage in meaningful discussions with their peers. These interactions teach them to effectively formulate and communicate their own thoughts.
Inspiring Love for Math
We believe that teaching math is fun and learning math is exciting, and our students quickly catch on to this enthusiasm. Smiles are abundant, confidence skyrockets, great results are carried over to school classrooms. It is a marvelous transformation for all, and we are privileged to be a part of the journey. We love math, and your children will too!